Bespoke Wiring for Motorsport

Wiring and electronics is often an area many people do not have a lot of confidence in. It is such a critical part of a racing or performance car, from problems like an intermittent misfire or even down to complete shut down of the car during the race.

The environment of a vehicle in motorsport is not one that most wiring and electronic systems like. Heat, vibration, oil and water are all things that will very quickly give a car (or bike) problems if the wiring is not manufactured with motorsport in mind.

We manufacture bespoke wiring looms for various applications within motorsport. From small modifications and upgrades to complete chassis and engine wiring looms.

We have made or modified wiring looms for:

  • Race cars
  • Race bikes
  • Autograss cars
  • Motor bike engines
  • Engine Dyno’s
  • Rotary engine’s
  • Many Aftermarket ECU’s
  • Stock ECU’s